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Got some questions before you get started? I’m here to help. If you don’t see your question here, get in contact with me.

What is the first training session with you like?

Hopefully we’ve had a fair amount of time on the phone and you have given me an idea of your current physical condition, any injuries or pre-existing conditions and what your goals for our time are.

I’ll reiterate our conversation to make sure we are both on the same page and if there is anything else you’d like me to know, you can tell me then.

If you have asked me to confer with your doctor or physical therapist before we meet, I’ll share that information with you as well. If you want to be measured right away, we’ll do that. Or if you would like to wait until a future date, that’s fine, too. I’ll have recommended a few items for you to purchase if we aren’t in an equipped gym.

We’ll start with a warm-up and some simple exercises that will help me assess your condition, strength, balance and coordination, and also define what your limitations are.

I want to extend my time on the treadmill/elliptical/stair mill but I find it so boring after a while. Any suggestions?

I’m guessing that your iPod and the TV attached to the equipment aren’t helping you over the hump. Why not try an audio book? You can purchase audio books in CD format at bookstores or pre-owned through Amazon.com. If you prefer just carrying your iPod, you can join Audible.com, which will download books to your computer or directly to your MP3 device. You have to join for a nominal fee. Though, once you do, you’ll find books available to download at significantly reduced rates. 

What is the single most important piece of fitness equipment to have?

The right shoes. Some of the best advice I have ever received: Keep your feet clean and dry. By extension, you need the right sneakers to run, the right shoes to cycle and the right shoes for golf, skiing, or rock climbing. Get a good fit in a store with a salesperson. Don’t order online until you know exactly what you need. Take your current sneakers (and/or orthotics) to the sneaker store so the salesperson can see your wear pattern. Discuss with the salesperson what your athletic needs are, what sports you’ll use the shoes for and how frequently you’ll use them.

Should I take a multi-vitamin?

Absolutely. They make multi-vitamins gender- and age-specific. Drug companies alter their formulas to reflect the changing needs of the body. For example — pre-menopause women need more iron than men. Growing bodies have different needs as well. If you are also taking a calcium supplement, remember to take it 12 hours before or after the multi-vitamin, as they cancel one another out when taken together.

What about those over-the-counter diet aids and appetite suppressants?

Junk. I don’t care who endorses them — they are junk. If it doesn’t come from your doctor, it’s junk and could make your overall health worse. Let’s face it: in most cases, long-term side effects have not been studied because these drugs haven’t been around long. If you are feeling the munchies, instead of taking an appetite suppressant, have something to eat. Advice from my Mom would be: Eat an apple and go outside and play.

Where do you buy your workout clothing?

I’m fortunate to live in NYC where there are a lot of places to shop and try things on — some companies have a very creative idea of what medium and sizes 8 and 6 really are. Nike and Danskin top my list of places to try first — high quality and ruggedly made products that hold up. Lululemon is a great place for very high quality workout wear and they will alter the pants for free, but they tend to cost a bit more. Online resources you might try: Athleta, Team EstrogenPerformance Bicycle and Patagonia.

What do you think about tanning?

Please — go smoke a cigarette for the same health benefits. Skin cancer tops my list of reasons not to tan. Whether you are going to Miami, Hawaii or the Jersey Shore, wear some sunscreen and be smart. Skin cancer is 100 percent preventable.

Why should I choose you?

I am qualified, nationally certified and fully insured. I won’t bore you with hundreds of push-ups or hold you to goals or standards that are unreasonable or outside of your capabilities. My workouts are fun and individually orchestrated to suit your needs, goals and level of ability.

How much will it cost me?

I’ll be happy to discuss rates for both individual-session and multiple-session options with you once we have our initial conversation, though it’s worth noting that an investment into your overall health and fitness is one of the least risky and highest-yielding investments you’ll ever make. Get in contact to find out more.

Where do we meet?

This is the best part of training with me — I come to you. Your apartment, your home gym or your building gym. I am fully insured and can obtain a special rider to my policy for your gym if necessary. However, due to current restrictions with COVID-19 I am strictly working with clients via video calls. You can book a session with me and achieve your fitness goals from the comfort of your own home

What do you think about popular diet plans (i.e. – The Atkins Diet, The South Beach Diet, Weight Watchers, etc.)?

I can tell you what works for one does not necessarily work for another. Some love Atkins — and have great success. Others prefer Weight Watchers (counting points) or Nutri-System and Jenny Craig (pre-made food delivered to you). The first step to any weight loss plan is to start a food journal. For a free online food journal, check out FitDay, where a food-journal format is set up for you. If you are an online person, and not a notebook person, this is a good place to start. Once you know what you are eating (and please, be honest with yourself) we can map out a plan that works just for you.

Remember — no diet or drastic alteration of your eating should be undertaken without checking with your doctor. Many diet plans can compromise anyone with a pre-existing GI tract problem or other medical issues. Also — and this is the most important part — if the plan is super strict, you won’t follow it for very long. If you like to chew food — not drink meals — you’ll be depressed in about two days. Any diet that completely cuts out entire food groups is for the birds and you should steer clear of these very restrictive plans.

But remember, I am talking here about weight loss – not making a lifestyle change and turning to a diet that is vegetarian or strictly vegan. As a vegan or vegetarian, you would need to learn what appropriate protein substitutions are, and how to properly combine foods to get proper nutrition to sustain your body.

Where can I go to buy gym equipment for my home gym (weights, physio balls, etc.)?

Power Systems is the best site. They typically have everything, are priced competitively, have great customer service and don’t kill you on shipping. Have a look at equipment I recommend and where to find it.

What about doing a cleanse? Or a colonic?

Does your doctor say this is safe? Read up on colonics. They strip your system of both bad and good bacteria. Not too smart. While you are busy googling colonics, also read up on the mechanics of having one done. If that’s not a complete turn-off, I don’t know what is. As for a cleanse — these have become very popular and many people swear by the occasional cleanse or juice fast. Unless you are being closely monitored by your doctor, it’s just not smart. Defer to your physician before drastically changing your eating or workout habits.

Are you professionally insured?

Yes, and can provide a rider for your building gym’s management if necessary.

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