Client Love

just some of the kind words my clients have to say…


Jessica B.

“I HAVE BEEN A PILATES CLIENT of Nina’s for nearly two years and I highly recommend her for training. She is very devoted to her clients and quite versatile based on a client’s needs. For example, she is proficient in yoga and Pilates in low intensity forms appropriate for expectant mothers and a variety of higher impact cross-training aimed at weight loss, toning, flexibility and general physical fitness.

She is also accustomed to coordinating her training with nutritionists, physical therapists, chiropractors, etc., to create an integrated approach to fitness and wellness. Working with Nina is so much more flexible than with most trainers at gyms because she will really work around your schedule and even come to your home if you like.

I enjoy all the time I spend with her and look forward to our sessions, which is really a tribute to her because I am not the most motivated person when it comes to exercise.”


JoAnn H.

“THE BEST WAY TO MEASURE the success of a fitness instructor is in witnessing your own achievements in body awareness, flexibility, strengthening, balance and toning.

A good instructor tailors a program to best meet the unique physical needs and goals of the individual client. When great attention is given to the specifics of movement and breathing, one is able to effectively connect with and isolate the various joints and muscles of the body. A methodical and nuanced approach to fitness training is the safest and surest route to a more healthy and stable body and mind.

Nina’s approach to fitness has enabled me to overcome limitations and to realize my body’s greater potential.”


Kathryn R.

“NINA CAME TO MY APARTMENT in January of 2007 to get me in shape for my June wedding. Her energy as she bounced through the door was instantly infectious! In six short months she had me looking fabulous for the big day and my teeny white bikini for the honeymoon.

I’ll never forget when we first spoke on the phone, she said to me, ‘Ooh this is going to be great! I’m going to be your wedding trainer, and then baby trainer and then post-baby trainer…’ I remember thinking to myself: ‘We’ll see about that’. And here we are, still working out together for almost three years now and sure enough she kept in fantastic shape during my pregnancy and got my body back post-pregnancy in six months!

Nina has become one of my most trusted confidants and friends, all the while pushing me at each workout so I feel my absolute best at the end!”

“Working with Nina is so much more flexible than with most trainers “


Marsha S.

“MY PURPOSE IN HAVING A PERSONAL TRAINER is multi-focused – to maintain a reasonable weight and shape through my senior years; to keep physically fit and strong and be able to participate fully in a very active life that includes frequent travel and various sports; and to be able to workout at home which provides the flexibility that I need to fit into my erratic and busy schedule.

Over the past three years, the sessions with Nina have been challenging but always with an awareness of what my limitations might be. She gently pushes me while respecting what I cannot, on a given day, do. An added bonus is her sunny disposition and bright intellect so that not only the physical but the mental is nurtured in one fast-paced hour.

While I respect her thoughtful process, it is also important to me to know that Nina has a solid academic background as a personal and Pilates trainer.”


Marisa H.

“I have been with Nina for two and a half years. I am so grateful I found her. In addition to providing a much-needed respite from the demands of my job, Nina’s workouts are challenging and fun because they are never the same. In addition, her diverse background, particularly in strength training and pilates, enables Nina to adjust workouts to my fitness goals as they evolve.

Undoubtedly a gifted trainer, her thoughtfulness and sense of humor make Nina a true gem. I will never train with anyone else.”


Eliza A.

“AS A 17-YEAR OLD CLIENT OF NINA’S, I had no real experience working out beyond P.E. before she came into my life. Nina not only helps me maintain my weight, but she has personalized our workouts to accommodate, and work on other physical difficulties. Whether its a temporary foot ache or a lifelong struggle with balance, she will customize each session to make you feel comfortable while still whooping your butt into shape!

Today, I feel confident not only in my abilities when we work out together but that she has given me the tools and training to work out on my own as well. Her array of experience and training allows for some excellent variety, so though you may be exhausted by the end of a session, you’ll never be bored!”

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