Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Coach.

I help overworked professional women get toned, lose weight and become the healthiest they can be!

Hi, I'm Nina

How do you envision your body when you sit back and really think about it? Healthier? Leaner? Stronger? More fit and agile? Better balance and coordination?

Together we can attain your goals, surpass them, and set new ones to move you toward a healthier, stronger future. Let’s work together to build a new you.

Together we can Create...


Once your goals have been established, we can create a custom workout routine that works for you. Making sure to hit your targets at a pace that suits your body.


An important part of your fitness journey is the food you eat. As a certified nutrition coach I can support you as we discover what dietary plans would work well for you.

Workout and Nutrition Plans

If you know it’s time for a full transformation, then we’ll work on reshaping your fitness and nutrition. Help you to accomplish your goals.

"whether you're in good shape, bad shape or any shape. If you set a goal, you'll be able to accomplish it"

Client Love


I have been a pilates client of Nina’s for nearly two years and I highly recommend her for training. She is very devoted to her clients and quite versatile based on a client’s needs.”



“The best way to measure the success of a fitness instructor is in witnessing your own achievements in body awareness, flexibility, strengthening, balance and toning.”



“Nina came to my apartment in January of 2007 to get me in shape for my June wedding. Her energy as she bounced through the door was instantly infectious!”


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We’ll talk about your goals, pre-existing conditions or any concerns you might have with beginning a training program.

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The group is for strong women who are working towards transforming  their health, their body and their lives. To do the things they never thought possible.