Top 10 at-home workout equipment you need

Getting a great at-home workout is more important now than ever. Making use of your own space and being strategic with the equipment you buy is crucial. Most, if not all of this equipment, can be purchased online through Power Systems or Amazon. Power Systems do price their equipment competitively, have great customer service and don’t kill you on shipping. If you’re starting from scratch, you should be able to purchase all the workout equipment you’ll need on a budget.


The physioball can be used to enhance every exercise, facilitate safe and effective stretching and can be substituted for your office desk chair to help you improve your core stability and posture while you work. For anyone with a back problem, a balance issue or general discomfort when standing for long periods, the ball (at the right size for your height and build) is a fantastic addition to your workout toolbox. As for size, 55cm will suit most people. If you are taller than 5-feet, 8-inches, you’ll want to move up to 65mm.


Think you can’t get a good at-home workout with just dumbbells? Think again. Dumbbells allow you to work all the major parts of your body. Hit your biceps and triceps with curls and overhead extensions. You’ll get a better overall workout if you pick up an adjustable weight.

Dumbells are wonderful, basic and can be used in almost any exercise, whether isolating a specific muscle, a group of muscles or using them in various balance challenges. Look for vinyl-coated dumbells, which are made for easy handling and cleaning.

In a pinch use bottles of water and cans of soup!  Be creative around your furniture and open spaces in your home or outside as weather permits.


Ankle weights will “kick up” (sorry for the pun) any leg workout. If you have trouble with squats, lunges or stair workouts for your legs and butt, ankle weights provide just enough extra weight and resistance to make even passive activities — like lying down or sitting — far more challenging and active. makes a great neoprene-covered, adjustable five-pound set — that’s 2.5 pounds on each ankle.


Fantastic resistance tool whether you are standing on it or wrapping it around a banister or doorknob. It even rolls up and stores in a drawer.


Foam rollers — also called Feldenkrais rollers — are tools for safe stretching (you roll on them to gently ease open tight muscles) and essential when working on balance and stability challenges.

You’re going to be sore the next day after a good workout. Reduce the pending muscle aches by foam rolling. It’s not the same as 60 minutes on a massage table, but it will help alleviate some stiffness you’ll feel.  Remember – don’t roll on your neck or below your waistband – those areas can be super sensitive and easily hurt.

Heart Rate Monitor

Changes in your body are one way to visually see progress, but it can take quite some time before those changes are noticeable to the naked eye. So why not try a heart rate monitor? This handy gadget will show you what percentage of your maximum heart rate you’re using as it keeps count of every calorie you torch. You know you’re working hard as you gasp for air. A heart rate monitor lets you track just how hard you worked.

Jump Rope

Jumping rope isn’t just an activity for second graders during recess – it’s also a great way to build up cardiovascular endurance while working up quite the sweat in a short amount of time. With enough practice, you’ll be schooling your second grader.

Running Shoes

Whether you walk or run, protecting your joints is a must. Pounding the pavement can wreak havoc on your feet and knees. Look after them with a quality pair of running shoes that provide good support and a thick heel to absorb the impact from every stride. Bring what you’re currently wearing to the sneaker store so the salesperson can see your wear pattern and help you make the most appropriate choice for your feet and your gait.

Yoga Mat

Sometimes you just need a good stretch. Your own yoga mat is just the place to unwind while rewarding your muscles for a job well done. You can also perform yoga routines right in front of your TV.

To learn more about making the best use of your equipment at home, feel free to get in contact and we can discuss the best workout program for you in the comfort of your own home.

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