Go Nuts!!

All nuts add a dose of good-for-you nutrients to your day-to-day eating.  Here are my top – underrated – picks.

Pine Nuts

Best known as a part of a traditional basil pesto, pine nuts are a great source of Vitamin K, which helps with blood cloting, as well as B vitamins that help with digestion.  Try toasting them – don’t take your eyes off them as they burn quickly, and put them on oatmeal or sautéed spinach or mother leafy greens, or even asparagus.


These nuts are an excellent source of copper, an important part of good bone health, muscle and nerve function, and the management of blood glucose and blood pressure.  Their creamy texture makes them a source for all things vegan – think cheeses, “ice creams”, etc.  You can pulverize them in your food processor and try them non sauces and spreads.


They do more than add crunch to your meal – pistachio nuts are among the highest in protein, at about 7 grams per 1-ounce portions.  They also contain anthocyannis, phyto-nutrients and have an anti inflammatory effect.  Crunch them up, add some panko bread crumbs and roll your salmon in them before a quick stove-top sear.  YUM.

Brazil Nuts

For a long time folks stayed away from these guys because of the fat content – but – let’s be clear you need fat in your diet.  Just two Brazil buts deliver the daily requirements of selenium, a mineral that’s super important for a strong immune system.  Try chopping them up and folding them into a rice pilaf.

Baru Nuts

It’s undiscovered country here – they look like small dark maroon olives…. They are fast becoming the trendy new superfood.  You can eat them from the shell – they’re high in potassium and vitamin E  and lower in fat than many other nuts.  They’re great roasted as a snack or an addition to trail mix or homemade granola bars.

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