Top 8 Websites for Healthy eating and Training

Your diet is a huge aspect of your fitness journey. Which is why making a conscious effort to begin a healthy eating meal plan is crucial. In this blog, I’ll outline some of my favourite websites got healthy eating and training. To learn more about creating a healthy nutrition plan, feel free to get in contact and we can discuss the best meal plan for you in the comfort of your own home.

TRAIN 360 for Training

Join for free and get a fitness and training tracker, and great exercises via a series of videos — a new exercise every day — with Gabby Reece, who also has a blog on the site. A great site for tips and support.

HUNGRY GIRL for healthy eating

Hungry? These ladies have done the research on low-calorie, low-fat choices that are yummy and will satisfy any craving. Their recipes have just been pulled together into a book but you can search the site for yummy snacks and meals that won’t make you go up a notch in your belt size.

FITDAY for food logging

Fantastic online food log. It tracks, food, food groups and activity — it even breaks down your daily food into clever diagrams — for those of us who like visuals.

FASTFOODS.COM for healthy eating

Wondering about the nutritional breakdown of that Starbucks drink or McDonald’s salad? This site will give you the calories and fat.

WEBMD for medical infromation

My doctor hassles me whenever I offer a self-diagnosis, knowing I found it on the Web (the vet makes fun of me, too). A great source for all things medical. WebMD also sends a daily medical information blast to your email if interested.


The site of Chris Carmichael, personal trainer to Lance Armstrong and the rest of the Discovery Channel cycling team. Enough said.

EGOSCUE for training

Pete Egoscue is a guru to those of us who subscribe to “functional training.” Mr. Egoscue has, for decades, been espousing pain-free training which focuses on every aspect of human movement, allowing people to participate fully in their lives and stay fit.

Eating Well for healthy eating

Eating well is a great website full of healthy recipes. The best thing, is that they accommodate all types of diets from low-card to gluten-free. Whatever your requirements, Eating well will have a great new recipe to try.

Other Notable Websites

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